Motoyo Natural Project

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Motoyo Naturals Skincare

Motoyo Natural Skin Care and Beauty Products tasked us with creating a website to showcase and promote their products. As part of the project, we will build and set up a fully functional eCommerce store with a secure payment gateway to ensure customers can easily check out. 

Project Includes

It was decided to create a hybrid website that combines a standard website with an
e-commerce store. Customers would be able to easily purchase products and checkout securely.

  • Crafting of beautiful looking and high converting website to promote and showcase their products
  • Design and set up a secured online store for showcasing and processing their customer's orders
  • Customers can easily and securely check out from the website or eCommerce store with seamless integration.

Design and Development


Motoyo Naturals Skincare

Project Date

Start: 2022 - End: 2022


Project Description

Motoyo Natural Beauty and Skin Care specializes in healthy natural skin care products that help you repair, restore, and rejuvenate your skin. She needs a platform to showcase her products, where customers can know about their products, buy their products, checkout securely and seamlessly. where customers can interact with them for further enquiries etc

We agreed to craft a beautiful, functional website for customers to find their products through search engines, and set up a secure eCommerce store to display and sell their product with a safe and secure payment gateway. Both the website and eCommerce store are hybrid meaning customers can select a product and checkout successfully from either the website or eCom store,

Motoyo Natural project is a hybrid project: we crafted both a website and an eCommerce store giving the customers freedom to select a product and checkout hassle-free from either.

- Bismon Agency

The Result

The results were astonishing, we used different shades of green to reinforce the company's natural products, with a slight feminine touch.

We empowered the customers with the freedom to shop hassle-free without the need to browse through the entire product catalog. Selecting any product from the website will take them directly to the check-out process without wasting their time.

We also set up an automatic customer service support system to help customers in case they have difficulty checking out.

Bismon Agency Process

Our Working Process

Client Briefing

Meet with clients to understand their requirements, objectives, and vision for the project.

Research Analysis

Conduct market research, competitor analysis, and gather all necessary information related to the project.

Concept Development

Brainstorm ideas, create mood boards, and develop initial design concepts based on the research and client brief.

Design Drafting

Begin the design process using software tools, sketching, or prototyping to visualize concepts.

Client Presentation

Showcase initial designs to the client, gather feedback, and make necessary revisions.


Incorporate client feedback, refine designs, and ensure they align with the project goals.

Production and Execution

Once designs are approved, proceed with development on agreed milestone and continous colaboration as project progreses.

Quality & Usability testing

Ensure the final outputs meets all quality standards and agreed specifications. In order to deliver the best experience, we thoroughly carry out usability testing before delivery.

Delivery & Continuous Support

Present and hand over the final project to the client, along with any necessary files or assets (if any). Offers post delivery service when needed

Feedback & Review

After project completion, gather feedback from the client to assess satisfaction and identify areas for improvement.

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